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Our Story

Moment Gear is a collection of apparel and accessories designed for all of life’s best moments. Here at Moment Gear we can help you find the right fit for every moment, with customized t-shirts, sweatshirts, towels, bags, baby onesies, and more. Moment Gear apparel helps you tell your story; everything from an inside joke with friends to raunchy custom shirts for your bachelorette party – (this is a judgement free zone, even if you want us to print some weird things). Moment Gear apparel is a simple way to add a little something special to the unforgettable moments and relationships in your life.

Moment Gear came into existence in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In just a few years Moment Gear went from a living room start up to a company that employs a group of inspired and talented creative professionals (and one VERY excited dog) who enjoy creating unique accessories and apparel. Moment gear is represented across the top internet retailers, shipping specialized apparel all over the globe. We hope you love what you find here, because we enjoyed creating everything you see here on this site. Every item was discussed, designed, re-designed, and probably re-re-designed until we found the perfect print. Moment Gear is about creating tangible items to represent the big and small moments in your life. Let us help you make some moments.

– The Moment Gear Family