Why Moment Gear

Why Moment Gear

We used the same passion and principles of producing our printed apparel when we expanded our product offerings to now include embroidery and promotional products.

We’ve curated the best of what’s out there and have streamlined the entire buying and distribution experience. For this reason you will not be directed to a website that offers thousands of miscellaneous products. Simply put, we only offer and produce quality branded merchandise.

Why quality matters

We’re extremely passionate about quality gear. We’ve attended a ridiculous number of events and received our fair share of promotional products; some good but most bad. A company purchasing poor quality gear is not only throwing away their money, as no one will want it, they’re also smacking their own brand in the face. We know branded gear is a champion marketing tool. Be impactful, strengthen your company culture and communicate your core values with our superior quality.

Our mission is simple. Only offer the finest products. No more searching through thousands of products — we’ve done the hard work for you. Please let us know your thoughts and any suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Moment Gear is grateful for all of your dedication and passion

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