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Trouble Baby Baseball Shirt

  • This baseball shirt is a fair warning. A cautionary sign. It let's everyone know, quite simply, the wearer of this baseball shirt at times may be trouble. Not always through any fault of their own, but they have at the minimum a penchant for trouble and the courtesy to offer the warning. You may be out with them some quiet evening, one thing leads to another, and next thing you know you're both dancing on a bar at 1:30 AM with a shot of tequila in each hand. Or breaking into a zoo after hours to wrestle a badger. Or even attempting to repel off the side of your house. All we can say is, approach at your own risk, keep all limbs safely inside the vehicle, and enjoy the ride!

    This is a Baby Unisex Crew-Neck Baseball Shirt that has the following qualities:

    • Triblend Fabric;
    • Printed with eco-friendly ink.
  • SizeWidthLength

    Measurement Notes

    Width is measured across the front of the shirt, one inch below the armhole.

    Length is measured from the highest point of the shoulder

    Sleeve Length is measured from the center of the back

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Black Sleeves / Grey Body