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I Just Want To Hang With My Dog Tote Bag

  • Whether we're out with friends or stuck at work staring out the window (like right now...), the truth is as simple as it is possibly hurtful to those around us: we just want to hang with our dog. It's nothing personal, we think you're great (or at least probably somewhere between great and not awful), but our dog is the coolest. They don't judge us. They don't want anything we aren't able to give (unless we run out of treats). They just love us, unconditionally. So if you feel the same way, the solution is clear. Just throw on this tote bag, make an appearance wherever it is you're supposed to be, and at the first opportunity: slip out the fire exit. Your dog is waiting.

    This is a Tote Bag (10 oz.) that has the following qualities:

    • 100% Cotton;
    • Printed with eco-friendly ink.
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