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Cow Skull Womens Raw-Edge Scoop Neck Sweater

  • Cows have a very odd lot in life. They aren't very fast, they don't have much in the way of defense mechanisms, and they definitely aren't very gifted in the intelligence/looks department. So you could say in a survival of the fittest situation, cows would be one of the first on the chopping block. But cows have managed the unthinkable; they've become incredibly useful just because of how useless they are. There are literally thousands of products and entire industries that depend on the noble cow being the largest animal that isn't really concerned with self preservation. We mean, they're basically (slowly) walking malls. Maybe that's why instead of going extinct they've managed to achieve a global population of 1.4 billion and snag the title of "largest biomass of any mammal on earth", weighing in at combined 520 million tons. Pretty impressive, cows.

    This is a Womens Adult Scoop Neck Raglan Sweatshirt that has the following qualities:

    • Cotton/Polyester Blend;
    • Printed with eco-friendly ink.
  • SizeWidthLength

    Measurement Notes

    Width is measured across the front of the shirt, one inch below the armhole.

    Length is measured from the highest point of the shoulder

    Sleeve Length is measured from the center of the back

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