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Best Mom Ever. Beach Towel

  • Stop the presses, the jury has reached a verdict. You are the best mom ever. Maybe it was all the time spent chauffeuring between schools and practices and outings, maybe it was all the cooking and cleaning, or maybe just the 8 hours you spent in painful labor, but you are clearly a cut above. So if you've got it, flaunt it! Let the world know that they aren't just looking at any normal mom, they're in the presence of the BEST MOM EVER! And what better way to inform the masses of your greatness than wearing this beach towel? We can't think of one, but then again, we aren't the best mom ever.

    This is a Beach Towel that has the following qualities:

    • 100% Cotton;
    • 35" x 60"
    • Printed with eco-friendly ink.
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