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Hibiscus Toddler Organic Tee Shirt

  • The hibiscus flower is loved all over the world. In Tahiti and Hawaii, women use them to signal whether they are looking for marriage or already married, by wearing them behind either their left or right ear. In China, women use the bright color in making the dyes for their hair and eyebrows. In Thailand (which grows many of the hibiscus flowers in the world), people grind them up and use them as shampoo, and even drink tea made with hibiscus to lower their blood pressure. Wherever you live, odds are that you love hibiscus flowers, so grab this tee shirt and let the rest of the world know!?

    This is a Toddler Unisex Organic Crew-Neck Tee Shirt that has the following qualities:

    • Organic Triblend Fabric;
    • Printed with eco-friendly ink.
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    Measurement Notes

    Width is measured across the front of the shirt, one inch below the armhole.

    Length is measured from the highest point of the shoulder

    Sleeve Length is measured from the center of the back

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