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Record Player Baby Baseball Shirt

  • Their is a popular phrase coined by British science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke that states "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". While we tend to agree, record players really break that mold. Few in this day and age would consider record players "advanced technology", but who can deny that they're totally magical? A needle runs through a series of grooves and bumps to perfectly recreate an entire band's worth of sound? And this technology has been around since 1877? That's crazy to us. Who knows what gave Edison the idea, but I'm sure we're all thankful that he had it. So if you want to bring a little magic into your life, grab this baseball shirt and wear it while pondering how a record player could possibly work. Let us know what you come up with.

    This is a Baby Unisex Crew-Neck Baseball Shirt that has the following qualities:

    • Triblend Fabric;
    • Printed with eco-friendly ink.
  • SizeWidthLength

    Measurement Notes

    Width is measured across the front of the shirt, one inch below the armhole.

    Length is measured from the highest point of the shoulder

    Sleeve Length is measured from the center of the back

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Black Sleeves / Grey Body